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Japan's only internationally accredited ICPA group International Protocol Accreditation Association-International common sense diagnostic test conducted by IPAA

What is international protocol certification?

An international protocol is a skill of international common sense and international standard diplomatic power. It is an essential skill of international common sense in international communication, which is indispensable in diplomacy, international business, and private places.By behaving correctly according to the situation, you will be able to promote international exchange smoothly and behave appropriately as a global person. By acquiring international culture and skills that English alone is not enough, you will develop self-confidence and will be able to play an active role in Japan and around the world as a member of the international community in the future.

The three categories are international general common sense, international manners, business utilization, international business common sense, international cross-culture, diplomatic common sense, and diplomatic common sense protocols. English qualifications require knowledge of English and Japanese protocols. To do.

3 sections and teacher certification

International Protocol Cross Culture
Skill test

11-step test Active in Japan and overseas

International Standard English Examination Qualification Further skill improvement (with support) in combination with Cambridge English Examination Qualification

International Liberal Arts Manners Test

All the basics start here and end here International manners are essential international common sense in the modern international community

Business Cross Culture Test

Academics of common sense in international business, cross-cultural skills Essential skills for international business to facilitate international business

International protocol test

General knowledge of diplomacy essential for diplomacy Skills essential for smooth diplomacy and VIP exchange International education

Certified instructor
Certification certification

If you acquire it, you will have a qualification that will be useful in the international community semi-permanently.

Japan's only international protocol test

International standard three characteristics

Certification / Certification / Qualification

Certification Qualification Certification License Issuance of certificates and guidance / management licenses that acquire the skills essential for international skills

Professional instructor training

IPPA and ICPA jointly provide world-class instructor training and mentor program consulting services

Global collaboration

We also provide support for the Cambridge English Examination and cooperation between ICPA, an IPAA accredited affiliated school, and global partners around the world.

Process for promotion

International Protocol Certification Exam

3 levels in 11 exam categories

Aim for steady promotion


5th, 4th, 3rd grade
Certification test

Levels 5,4 and 3 are online selection questions in the preparatory course for learning, and Level XNUMX is online selection questions and writing that can be passed after completing the beginner's program.


Level 2 to Level 1
Face-to-face certification test

After completing various elementary programs, you will almost certainly pass.Preparatory courses are online and face-to-face.


1st to EEX grades are certified specialist certification exams

ICPA specialists and above will be able to work as certified instructors.Bilingual qualifications require a Cambridge English exam qualification.

IPAA Exam Preparation Center

The ICPA International Protocol College, which is the only international accreditation school in the UK and accredited by the IPAA Examination Preparation Center, offers examination preparation courses.

Candidates / Passed students

Voices of successful students

First from XNUMXth grade

Aim for 11 levels of promotion

How much international common sense you have

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International Protocol Certification Exam

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